Living Walls

“Your Plant Service”  is proud to provide Living Walls !

Living Wall Commercial Building, Los Angeles

Living Walls by YPS Botanicals throughout Los Angeles

YPS Botanicals aka “Your Plant Service”,  designs & maintains Living Walls & Vertical Wall Planters in the greater Los Angeles area.

  • Beautify your Space with Living Pictures
  • Bring life and oxygen into your buildings and homes
  • Let YPS make your space spectacular by installing live plants to cover an entire wall or a living picture.
  • Ideal to install in any lobby, reception area, and all high traffic areas.
  • Residential Clients love Living Wall Art!

Living Wall Systems are installed and maintained by YPS Botanicals  for both interior and exterior projects throughout Los Angeles. We use various Green Wall and Living Wall  vertical planter systems which are selected based on needs and specifications of each individual project.