VersaWall Living Wall Systems

A VersaWall System Living Wall - designed, installed and maintained by YPS Botanicals in Los Angeles at Netflix

VersaWall System

The VersaWall System can be used as a living picture or can cover an entire wall.
There are 5 components to the VersaWall System:

  1. Trays: Recycled polypropylene trays in 8 pot or 3 pot configurations
  2. Backing Board: Water resistant board onto which the trays are stacked
  3. Irrigation System: Vertical ebb n’ flow irrigation system can be direct plumbed and drained via sanitary line or recirculated by holding tanks
  4. Water Reservoir Tanks: Stored within the base of the wall, these tanks can be auto filled from a building water supply line, or manually filled by the service technician.
  5. Plants: Industry standard 4” pots, plants are not removed from their pots, they are placed into each tray within the provided indentations



Picture windows & simply Vertical Plant cases utilizes wicking system for easy watering and low maintenance. Add a living picture to any wall using 6” plants placed in trays, or a 6’ high unit that only comes off the wall 15” with frame or on wheels!

YPS Botanicals designs and maintains several Living Wall systems and vertical-wall-planters. For other options see our LiveWall Living Walls page, and our Simply Vertical Planter Living Walls,  Gallery page.