How We Help You…

For over 30 years YPS Botanicals – “Your Plant Service”,  has been helping businesses save money, look better, and function better through the creative use and placement of interior plants.

indoor plantsOur innovative plantscape designs, using the best quality interior plants can help your business go green. At the same time we beautify and improve the overall functionality of your office space.

Whether you’re in the development phase of a new building or you’re ready to improve the air quality and health benefits of your existing building, you need interior plants.

Far beyond providing a pleasant visual experience, trusted research has shown that indoor plants can enhance wellness, elevate our moods and improve creativity and productivity.

Let our trained professionals at “Your Plant Service”  help you bring beauty with benefits to your workspace.

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Our Clients Say


…YPS Botanicals(Your Plant Service) has provided interior plant maintenance for my home since 2008. Elizabeth Hershenson and her staff have full access to my home and respect my privacy at all times. I consider YPS reliable and dependable. The plants they provide are top of the line and are kept looking like new. I've never encountered a problem with their excellent service both with the plants and the condition in which they leave my home…

– Bryan Burk — Bad Robot


…Elizabeth, the flowers for the past President’s Night were just beautiful! They were perfect for the theme and you did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for helping make the evening perfect! I was hoping I would win one of your centerpieces but I guess I don’t have the luck…

– Ruby Talbot